Sunday, February 3, 2013

Heros of Ulthuan - High Elf hero re-sculpts, part 2 of 3: Alith Anar

The second high elf hero resculpt, Alith Anar, was a bit of a tricky one--
Both the majority of his torso and the majority of his legs were useful, but his pose was so far off from the art that I needed to get pretty creative in my cutting and reforming his midsection.

The illustration he was to be based on  (from the cover of Shadow King, left) was, strangely, most appropriate if I mirrored his stance.

I ended up resculpting his entire left arm, after I was feeling a bit more confident from my previous Teclis resculpt, but what I was, again, happiest with was the cloth.

I felt the hood captured the longer and more tapered style of the elves, and decided that, along with resculpting the areas that needed it from the cutting, a bit more of a billow would look more dramatic on Alith.

I'm pretty far underway on the third sculpt, Tyrion, which I'll hopefully be able to finish and shoot in the next couple weeks...

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