Sunday, January 20, 2013

Heros of Ulthuan - High Elf hero re-sculpts, part 1 of 3: Teclis

The first in a group of three conversions my client wanted-- he, like I, felt that the translation of GW's high elves between illustration and miniature was rather lacking in a number of areas.

Teclis' pose barely reflected the illustration at all, having a somewhat strangely reversed pose.

I was originally going to try to salvage part of the legs and back arm, but it quickly became clear that I wouldn't gain much from either choice, so I redid them from scratch. The hand is probably the best I've sculpted-- too bad it isn't more prominent...

Teclis' new sword was a matter of my client not particularly liking the larger original, and the new pose's angle meaning it would have gone about 1/4" in to the ground.

I took a couple artistic liberties, extending Teclis' robe a bit to make him a little taller and more dynamic, and making an educated guess where his back leg would end up. I also added a bit of a sash around his waist, as his ceremonial knife is just floating at his hip in the illustration, and the model would never look as slender as the illustration, so I thought that, instead of bulking out the armor too much, I'd add another layer to make him appear slightly smaller in it.

Next up, the Shadow King!

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