Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chaos test painting II - Son of Test Painting

Umm... yeah, I think that's some sort of creepy seahorse?

Even though I don't like the model*, I actually appreciate that GW is expanding the vaguely aquatic elements of the Slaanesh theme that already existed (crab claws, wispy hair that could be floating under water, palate that often references water, etc.).

The test Hellstrider got a kind of weird crazy retro thing going on with his colors, trying to keep in style with Slaanesh, while keeping the black trim and teal tassel/plume things (normally I'd give them natural colors of hair, but it's part daemon and, well, it's Slaanesh so s/he would probably encourage unnatural colors). My favorite part is probably his lance arm, which I thought had some strong blending.

*With the exception of the new Juggernauts which I generally like, I still maintain that the last generation of metal daemons (ca. 3.5 'dex for CSM, dunno the WHFB edition... 6th maybe?) did the best daemon infantry, and some of the best daemons in general.

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