Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Don't fight it, son. Confess quickly! Lucius & co.

There's something I find particularly fascinating and threatening about the sinister undertones of authority.

I'm not positive but, if I needed to guess, it probably stems from Terry Gilliam's Brazil. There's a certain power in the hell of the mundane and the bureaucratic that I find way more interesting that monsters or weapons.

I was really happy when I found out that Lucius was making his way over to Neverborn, too: my favorite Neverborn theme is that of the hidden threat. Scary stabby demons and puppeteers and nasty monsters are one thing, but the ones I really like are the ones where you know something's wrong, but don't know what until it's too late.

While he's got comically large thighs, everything else about his posture and look conveys that subtle threat to me. The recently previewed shot of his new crew shows an imposing figure, but not one with quite the same sense of restrained threat. I think it's the hair.

Again, I prefer the original lawyer sculpt to the new ones. I really enjoy the glee in the little guy with no gear wringing his hands. The newer masks look a little too over the top for me... dunno.

Either way, I liked putting him in a slick black rain coat.

Also, it's a little hard to pick up (I might need to take a higher angle shot eventually), but both of these guys are on black and white marble, in traditional chess fashion.

I felt the Governor's Secretary made a better Scribe, so chose to paint him as connected with Lucius. I was happy with the cleaner white, as opposed to the more traditional burlap monk look. He's got an air of snootiness that I think I captured well in his eyes.

I'm unsure, though, about the look of this crew: I chose to do a cleaner well lit look, to emphasize the stark bureaucratic feel, but (again) I'm not sure on this choice.

So, I have a few options (and would be happy with any other suggestions)
-keep them as-is
-do a more subtle version of the yellow-orange light I paint on a lot of my malifaux stuff, and experiment with slightly softer shadows
-do another color of light altogether


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