Thursday, January 23, 2014

Charge of the Light Sea Horse... Dragon-ish... Daemon... Mutant Lancer... Brigade? Hellstrider unit

Yeah... still not sure what to make of these guys.

I tried to limit the gold to the barest minimum, as to not get too garish- just the sigil on the standard (linking to the Skullcrusher one) and the champion's crest (which also had a bit of black on his helmet to link champions, though without the fully inverted executioner helm, since that isn't their theme. I'd considered putting a little more gold on the command or the champion, but thought it would look too much like bling, and would blend with the ski's hue. Similarly, gold and pale purple felt too close on tone, so I always separated them with black. I think that if I had gone for a more standard color scheme, more gold could have worked, but the teal and purple really made an understated black the only sensible option.

The Hellstrider riders are actually not glued to their mounts. Since the only sign that they're mounts are the saddles (no reins, etc.), I thought they could pull triple duty as Fiends of Slaanesh (the oldest models in the entire Daemon line, and both ugly and over priced in my opinion) or in a pinch as weird Chaos Warhounds (which I'm really disappointed in, since I loved the metal sculpts that directly preceded them).

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