Friday, August 21, 2015

How I Roll - Night Lords Rhino + another mini-report

Big spiky evil tanks and subtle don't go together very easily, but I tried.
The Night Lords Rhino got the bare minimum of spikes and trophies and gewgaws I could put on it without it feeling like it was just Imperial with a different paint job.

The gunner's combi melta isn't glued in, so I can swap it out for a flamer, and will probably eventually convert a funny "stacked" plain combi bolter, or something.

Round three on Candy Skull Mountain (2's report got skipped)-

The forces shifted just a little, changes since the last time:

Astral Claws
  • Captain Drive-by swapped out his slow power axe for a quick little power sword
  • Drive-by's Biker Boys (or w/e) lost a biker and their sergeant's combi-grav
  • Instead of a 10-man tactical squad, it's a plasma combat squad and a bare-bones Sternguard squad
  • Instead of the predator, a las/plas razorback
Basically, things got shuffled around because there was an "all your eggs in one basket" thing with the bikes and captain, re-equipped the power armor guys; and felt a razorback's extra punch was more valuable than a predator's extra armor.

Oh, and somewhere in there, they effectively gained a few points 'cause the new edition of Codex: Space Marines (the biggest list option I took advantage of was not needing 5 bikers to be troops). We're currently not playing the Formation rules, since the games are tiny and CSM's smattering of Formations are pretty thoroughly outclassed by the marines' update.

Night Lords
This was a smaller shuffle:

  • The Raptors became Havoks in a rhino, kept their pair of plasma guns, basically just tried re-working the unit with the same purpose of mobile plasma, this time tougher and with no deep strike.
  • The Obliterators became a single unit, starting in reserve (fewer kill points, always able to attack first).
  • A few unit sizes shuffled around a little and the Lord lost his non-chainfist CCW that he wasn't using.
Notes, since I waited too long to write the actual report so forgot stuff:
In a game this small, Cultists are surprising annoying: I think they're actually a really nice choice, since they're enough of a threat that they're hard to ignore, while there isn't going to be enough small arms fire around that you can just kill them without actually devoting resources to the job. But, they're still cultists, so they still die to any concerted effort.

Bikes are also similarly nice in small games, though for very different reasons. Their speed matters a lot more in my opinion, since the lower model count means the game's more spread out and them being in the right place (rather than simply having a higher threat range and toughness) becomes more valuable. Grav guns don't hurt ;)

The faster bike captain seems like the way to go in small games.

Oh, also, the Marines are one model away from a fully painted, and their Chaos counterparts are getting a bit closer, too. Pretty soon, I can start posting army shots!

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