Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Come to Me. I'll Be your Guardian Angel - Malifaux Outcasts

Okay, first, to anyone who catches the title reference: Kudos. Also, I assume you can't read those lines not in to voice?

Well, on to the minis. Leveticus is one of my favorite characters in all of Malifaux. He's just the right mix of creepy and slick, and I love his relationship with Alyce (though miss the old Ramos element a little).

Also, his rules in that first edition book were what made me realize Malifaux was a different kind of game. The idea that you were supposed to kill your commander each turn turned my understanding of a game on its head, and substantially contributed to where I am with Malifaux, and my perspective on what can be done with gaming in general.

And now he has a, frankly, badass model. I think I'm happier with his transition to plastic than I am with any other. I think I did him justice.

Rusty Alyce is a nice counterpoint to Leveticus. Despite not needing the face lift nearly as much, I think her new iteration is still a very nice update.

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