Wednesday, December 4, 2013

...And I'm just listening to cold wind whistling - Rasputina Crew, revised

Still my favorite Rasputina sculpt, from back before Wyrd had a game.
Some time ago, I posted Rasputina's crew, yet, I'm posting it again. What gives?

When Malifaux's second edition (I dunno, is M2E official vernacular, or shorthand on the logo thingy, or a recognizable icon so you know you're getting 2nd edition, or what?) was released, it turned out that the Ice Golem's base size changed. I could have just glued my golem to the new base and called it good (since they fit nearly exactly), but decided it was a good excuse to change things up.

-Ice Golem
I scratch built a base for the new size, after I had decided to switch the theme. Now they're in Malifaux proper, rather than in the snowy mountains that I have no intention of ever making a board for. And, while I was redoing the bases, that was enough of an excuse to redo the details, relighting everything and adding some more highlights.

Yeah... still kinda' goofy, it's hard to tell but the right Ice Gamin on the right is standing on a low wall
I actually did this group a while back, when I was still certain that I'd do all of my Malifaux stuff by gaslight. Though I've expanded that goal to also include a dry environment and am considering a swamp, this still feels most appropriate for Rasputina and company.

The December Acolyte and Wendigo might have fit better on a wilder base, but since they're only getting used with Rasputina, I decided to make the most of the environment. In contrast with the blue of the ice constructs, both had a warmer palate that blended with the light, rather than complimenting it.

Last, but... well, actually, he does have the Insignificant rule... Either way, I wanted to give this vicious little guy a really dirty and bloody feel.

Finally, while these guys were fun to paint, I've just ordered Wyrd's limited edition plastics that I'm planning on experimenting with, and don't expect to need two copies of the crew- let me know if you're interested in a purchase or trade.

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