Monday, December 16, 2013

Zulus, sir. Thousands of them. Mantic Zombie pile

"But Wait, there's more!"

If you weren't sure, yeah, that's sixty of them.

After cleaning, building, and painting sixty Mantic zombies (well, there were also a few ghoul sprues mixed in), I feel like I'm pretty qualified to review them.

The short version: they're great for the cost.

The long version: the mold lines were pretty good and reasonable to deal with except around some of the fingers, which is an obvious place for problems, and the material is easy to clean (hard plastic, not restic). 

The models come with legs, torsoes, and heads that are also mostly interchangeable between the two types of models, and two of the torso types have a posable right arm. They come with some accessories, a few options for arms,  and a lot of extra heads. 

-I wish a couple of the derpy heads had instead been another arm option, as the three got pretty difficult to keep varied. There are enough good heads that I would have been happy if they took out the worse ones. 
-there's a weird thing about the hip shape that makes a lot of them look funny- it's possible to fix and/or paint over, but it's noticeable. This allowed for a lot more varied posing than a flat connection, but it still could have been done a little more cleanly, I think.

Over all, easily an A- kit, maybe a solid A. (This is on the scale of flexibility and practicality- no, I'm not expecting bukl zombies in crisp resin.)

Also, as a note, the minis were re-based: they don't normally come with the beveled 25mm ones.

For the commission, it was pretty fun to vary the kits up. My client wanted me to stretch the sprues a few past what's actually practical, so I got to have fun with some mutant ones*, with my favorites probably being the 3-headed one in the 5th row and the stalk spine in the 7th. So, as an addendum to the review, it's worth noting that, with a little creativity, you can actually make one extra zombie per sprue.

This was the biggest squad I've ever done at once, next comes the largest squad I've ever done at once. (You'll see...)

*This is where watching all the weird old 80's body horror movies I could find finally pays off!

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