Thursday, December 19, 2013

...*Was* the Law. Dead Justice and other zombies from Malifaux

This was an interesting little group to paint.

I was working on Justice when Wyrd's Rotten Harvest competition was going on, decided it was good enough, so why not make it a little better and enter it? It didn't place, but I'm still quite happy with it, and glad to have pushed the paint job a little further.

I'd done a similar rotten look on my later Sedition Wars Strain, but pushed the contrast further, and tried to get it looking yellow while the highlights are actually primarily white. I felt the trick came off pretty well, though I couldn't explain it past lots of layering and the yellow in other details tricking your brain.

Where would Justice be without the Judge? I pushed the yellow too far on him, but have to admit this was largely due to being tired of heavy sourcelighting at this point. I'll probably eventually bring back some red and darken the color scheme a bit.

He'll be adding some hitting power to my Seamus crew as a punk zombie, and I decided that the connection to Justice was worth having another man around to threaten Seamus's ego.

A slightly simpler version of the paint scheme on Justice. I'd have preferred to have entered Bête Noire over Justice, but knew I didn't have the time to finish her. I'm quite happy with my Resser teal contrasting with the warm palate.

Quite happy with Bête, and I think the similar undead feel made her kind of weird face look more natural... if you could call it that.

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