Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Luck be a..." More mercs, after a bit of a hiatus again.

Lucky Lady, my Vanguard, probably has my favorite freehand of any of my Warmachine minis.
Unfortunately, I don't have any great stories of its exploits, as I haven't been getting many games in recently and, when I have used it, it's mostly performed pretty averagely (and, as such, I have no confirmation/refutation of the name).

The concept started because all the characters I was likely to use the Vanguard with were women (Ashlynn, Zerkova (in her theme list), Fiona). I spent a while researching nose art and eventually came up with a photo (that I've since misplaced) to reference for some fun freehand.

You also might notice, it's got gold instead of the traditional brass of my merc's yellow metal- I decided that, since it was originally Llaelese, it really needed some bling, even though the original heraldry is covered by drab merc colors. I haven't decided if the second one will be in traditional colors, or possibly just have more of a hint at its national origin. The blue bands are a tie-in: every merc entry (i.e. not necessarily each member of a squad, but each squad or single model) has at least a little dark blue on it, to connect it back to Cygnar (whether I'm playing highborn or Magnus... I'm actually not sure I've ever played Four Star not as Magnus, now that I think of it... hmm).

This model is actually a moderately old one, as I started it back before I did the desert bases I've been doing, but it eventually got a new base and some new highlights to match my current mercs (in case you were wondering, yes, it was a complete pain to paint around the freenhand).

With the updated look, it's once again one of my favorite merc pieces.

Another repaint and another model that's out of order, Midwinter is no longer wintry- I used him as a test for doing dusty fabric for the flag on my Galleon.

While I'm not particularly inspired by their backstory, the Inquisitors are some of my favorite WM models, and I'm eventually hoping to add a few more in to my collection through conversions- thinking the Kayazy could easily make fun inquisitors, and I may even convert my gunmage squad that's been collecting dust into some more agents of the true king (or guys working for Cygnar until Caine hunts them down... what ever happened to that, anyways?).

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