Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm not Sleeping, Cold Wind Blowing…

I was  going to post this after finishing a few more Arcanist pieces, but I've been entrenched in painting Resurrectionists and Guild recently (the factions my wife and I are playing, respectively), so Rasputina is sadly not getting any love.

Here's the beginnings of her rag-tag cult.

These guys were basically just painted as a darker version of the standard scheme. I did something a lot like NMM, except where I largely assumed underlighting. I think it worked pretty well.

Rasputina herself-- one of my favorite early Wyrd minis. I didn't like her ice witch look, so I decide to do her in a drab palate, one that would blend in a bit more as functional than exotic, with the blue sash to tie her in with her constructs
 My take on the December Acolyte. Again, not a big fan of the super-ice theme. I was going for something closer to leather. I'm considering embellishing it with some Pacific Northwest-style totems.

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