Friday, December 16, 2016

A Knight at the Opera - Kingdom Death Lion Knight and Manhunter

The Lion Knight is just one of my favorite minis in Kingdom Death, think it's a great melodramatic piece.

This one got a pretty rich color scheme, focusing mostly on the gold and the skin, with only a touch of some source lighting effects, mostly just seen in the bluer shadows.

I haven't fought it yet (the last 2 campaigns I've played couldn't include it), but am definitely looking forward to adding it soon, since it's just a very different feeling monster, compared to the much more horror-focused minis.

The Manhunter is also a departure from Kingdom Death's standard fare, though this one's moved in the opposite direction, with a bit of a bleak western thing going on. This one was in the same style as my work with my Malifaux Outcasts, though the first time I tried shading the bushes-- I think the stains in their recesses added a nice volume.

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