Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I Fell in to a Burning Ring... - Kingdom Death Flower Knight

I happened to just start fighting a Flower Knight for the second campaign as I was painting this guy, and it reminded me, it's really got to be one of my favorite showdowns.

I'll go in to a review after I've fought more and maybe tried out the campaign, but from my experience it's just a very enjoyably different fight, with a different way of positioning and more dynamic reactions.

I think it's a little too easy, and I'd like a reason to fight it more (it produces 1 really strong bow, and not a ton else that I love), but I'm happy with how it fights, and it feels very different.

This one got a sort of a fall-colors treatment, starting from white and silver as the initial color idea, and then continuing with pretty understated colors. The leaves are maple (?) pods, painted slightly to give them more of a cohesive work, and them I tried to match all the vines and sculpted plants as closely as I could to the same colors. The mini has got to be one of my favorites in the Kingdom Death line, and I was glad to try something more unconventional on this.

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