Monday, April 27, 2015

One More Time, with Feeling! - Tara Podcast and crew core (revised)

I swear, this is the last time I'm revising this set. Honest. I think. Until I get another idea maybe.

...Actually, I have more important news besides describing how I'm compulsive about modeling projects: I've now done my first podcast!

I'm on Schemes & Stones' sixth episode, which is now up though I haven't quite gotten the up courage to listen to my mistakes :P (Oh, crap, is it really an hour and a half?!)

So, calming down a little after realizing that time... umm, on to minis.

 I decided to refine some of the earlier colors, where I was pushing the contrast on the Dead marshals' and Tara's clothes in particular, and went with a much more uniform and less-cartoony.

Along with the refined colors, I've been working towards new bases-- the old ones felt a bit too much like flocking to begin with, so I've now retextured all of these. They're a bit of a stylized transition to what I've settled on for the rest of my badlands bases, with a similar color treatment but without the "gravel" feel and with added rocks

Again, a bit subtler (besides the bases).

Umm, think Karina's the same.

Again with the Nothing Beast! Still a little squiddy and a little ghosty.

And for those of you who didn't see her before, my take on Hannah, who was the basis for less cartoony cloth, and less gravelly base.

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