Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"Completely Obvious" - Clear Tara crew, part 2

Yep, still a bit envious of this set.
I think Tara's hand looks better in clear, and I think the clear sword is pretty badass. Reminds me of a shard of glass.

Miss Terious is a fun one that fits right in with Tara's theme. For some reason, the photo kept not balancing right, but I like her.

Karina's the subtlest of the clear bits in my opinion. There's just a little blue in her grey dress and a little more red in the accent. Again, I'm quite happy with her updated rules.

Speaking of which...
While some people are getting tired of the duster-wearing pistoleer set in Malifaux, the Guild Autopsies are some of my faves, as (it's probably pretty obvious at this point, but...) the Weird West theme is definitely a personal preference.

The Autopsies are a very fun summon. I liked them back when they were just McMourning's thing, and think they fit in great in Tara's crew, too, and it's fun with the pair of summoning options (through Karina and Spare parts).

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