Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Om Nom - Big Strain Beasties

The Grendlr is still my favorite Sedition Wars mini (with second going to Kara Black).

Again, going for the dry and generally unbloodied paint scheme really emphasizes the splitting flesh and body horror side of things.

I've never really liked the Cthonian's weird biological weapon, it has a Tyranid feel (well, actually, I think many of the more elaborate Strain models could be good conversion fodder for a weird Tyranid force), but it still mostly just looks strain. I decided to go with a weird fleshy apparatus, where the weapon was some sort of energy projector off the glowing nodes.

The bottom pic has the Assault Drone head variant, which conveniently fits on pretty snugly without glue, so, like Barker, the one model easily fits as either version.

The Brimstone has a pretty cool, sleek look. Again, the layers of mouths (the chest cannon has tooth-like edges; the one along the "ribs", and the "regular" one) repeats the pretty classic body-horror tropes of weird protrusions and a kind of sexual thing, that I think was somewhat masked by the more common clean or zombiefied looks.

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