Friday, June 20, 2014

The Culinary Arts - misc. Steampunk minis

I'm doing a few sets of Steampunk minis from across different miniature lines, which is always fun for me, since it allows me to depart from standard color schemes. It also gives me a chance to do some little reviews.

While not particularly in scale, Micro Arts Studio's Tiffany Aching (from their Discworld line) and the Butler were nicely done. The butler came with the option of a wine bottle & dynamite, but I thought the revolver and cop looked nicer, and thought I got very nice effects on both.

Infamy's Henrietta Jeckyll had some very nice detail, particularly some of the thin bits around her weapon and tubes. I thought the off-white would be fun as referential of a lab coat, with the bottles as the main source of color.

I didn't get the line these two cheery (and obviously legitimate) medical practitioners came from, but they were quite a bit of fun. With this slightly more cartoony style of models, I felt that a similarly un-subtle paint job was appropriate. I thought the nurse's face came out particularly well.

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