Thursday, June 5, 2014

Real Horrorshow - Ten Thunders/Ressurectionist Enforcers

I'd seen these creepy things around every now and then, but never knew that they're called. Apparently, Yin is a Penanggalan. (Thanks, Wyrd, for the mythology lesson.)
I was really happy with how Yin came out. Because of all the viscera, I tried a few techniques I'd not previously experimented with, and now plan on using them elsewhere.

Toshiro was a fun one to paint. Again, a new color mixture: the grey/teal mix is something new I tried, because I wanted his coat to be distinct from his standard.

(These are both an expansion for my previous work on Yan Lo & company. PS. I always forget how organic it is to work on Malifaux plastics.)

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