Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Gotta' Start Somewhere - Astral Claws, First Tactical Squad

So, it begins.

This project has been a long (long) time coming.

It started back around when 6th edition was announced, and I started thinking I'd like to get back in to 40k. I eventually got the Assault on Black Reach Space Marines to try out some color schemes. I eventually, ah, "previewed" the Badab War books, was inspired by what Forge World had done with basically no information and some ugly, outdated space marine pictures.

I got the first Badab book (still haven't gotten the second in bargain hunting), and have since gotten a modest Space Marine collection of all sorts of refurbished and unloved models from a series of trades.

I tried out a test color scheme, then entered a model into a little painting competition. Then things continued to sit.

Finally, I started very slowly (interspersed with commissions, life, and other games) to build up my Astral Claws force, finished a squad, and finally photographed them (above):

They're a mish-mash of monopose Assault on Black Reach and Dark Vengeance models, and one of my favorite models that I never had a use for back when I played (the sergeant, who was actually a commander with digi weapons).

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