Monday, March 17, 2014

Your Eyes Shine, Just Like Mine - Sonnia Criid Crew

Yeah, I've used that title before, but I couldn't resist- Sonnia's mask really strongly evokes the Protomen for me. (BTW, they were easily one of the best shows I've ever seen in a dive bar.)

I was very happy with the lantern and glow on her pants and base. I had initially been put off by her mask, but she's miles better than either of the other Sonnia models, and better sculpted than (though not as fun as) her avatar

Sam had a slight wardrobe malfunction- his belt didn't come with the commission, but this was a rush job (I started painting these guys on Saturday, they're going out tomorrow) and off it stays for now. Sammael Hopkins is definitely one of the best new concepts for M2E: his old model was only okay, this guy is a pimp. (In the badass sense, not the other one, which he, as a law abiding witch hunter would never condone.)

I'm about a million times happier with how these Witchlings came out than how I did my own set. I felt I got the cloth really smooth. In fact, I generally feel this whole crew box was really natural to work with, and I'd like to update my own crew at some point.

The Witchling Handler looks kinda' like she's ready for polo... Well, minus the giant maaagic sword. I used the same technique on these as on my own set, since I felt that was the most successful part, and the art does have them with a bit of blue.

The Friekorps Specialist got his own Guild-issue uniform when he hired on with Sonnia. I guess she decided he'd be sticking around enough... The colors are matched to the Handler's jacket, pants, and helmet, though he (like Sam) didn't get a magic tint to his weapons.

But wait, there's more! The second set of Witchling Stalkers got an alternate color scheme to match the Handler and Specialist, since they're duplicate models. I tied them in with the regular witchlings with their blue-grey bandannas from the regular ones' cloth, and repeated the off-white on these on the other ones' bandannas.

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