Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Every Time" - Knight Miniatures' Wolverine

I don't often get requests for display pieces, but this was certainly a fun one.

I don't think Logan needs any introduction, so, focusing on the rest, I chopped up a Heroclix Sentinel, which was close enough to the right scale (and made out of the most pain-in-the-ass dense rubbery plastic ever... took a hack saw to get through after my regular miniatures saw kept getting gummed up), and gave it a few of Wolverine's signature triple slashes to go along with the battle damage it came with.

The Sentinel was a bit difficult to paint, since the classic red and purple looks pretty seriously cartoony, so I took a page from late 90's comics and made it darker and desaturated, which I think did the trick, and had the added bonus of making Wolverine the clear focal point.

(Mini) Review
Wolverine himself was straightforward to paint, since the colors were already there (both set as cannon and with a good photo on the packaging) and the model itself was good: This was my first Knight miniature, and the detail is very clean, and well-sculpted, and a nice amount of texture. He's in one of the classic wolverine poses, and came in very few pieces- his body, and two hands. The cast was good, with only light mold lines. Everything was very well done, with my only complaint being Wolverine's slightly chubby claws, which is mostly a factor of the medium (hard plastic or resin would have gotten crisper details).

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