Monday, January 14, 2013

Asheth Magnus and the Amazing Walking Tank

This is a bit of a different post, today.

One of the first things I posted that got some attention was my Magnus theme list tactics article for Warmachine, which sadly hasn't seen much revision in the past few months, mostly because I've been playing other games more recently.* 

"So, what does this robot have to do with Warmachine?" you ask.

There's a single entry missing from my aforementioned article, which is Galleon, a model which, at least by my best estimation, should fit perfectly with Magnus, however, I've yet to field it, mostly because I couldn't justify spending that much on a single model in a game I've been playing less regularly.

I searched, occasionally, for a good proxy for Galleon, for a few months, with no luck (wrong scale, wrong details, wrong price).

Enter the Walking Tank.

*Malifaux, Puppet Wars, Dominion, Settlers of Catan, Warhammer 40,000 (after a long hiatus), and some others...

As I've mentioned before, I work on the graphic novel, The Radiant Ones. When I was just getting started, the world of the webgraphicnovel (as I just, ever-so-eloquently, coined it) looked quite bleak, full of bland and/or derivative work. In this malaise, The Adventures of the 19xx stood out as something else that was really aspiring to do something interesting.

Last fall, at the Alternative Press Expo, I met Paul Martinez, the creator of the 19xx world, who had just released his new Walking Tank limited print run mini, and was generally a pleasant and supportive guy.

For less than half the price of Galleon, I was happy to support Paul and pick up his Tank-- it was pretty subtly modeled and nicely prepainted, has a nice heft to it, and was generally a pretty cool kit.

So, with the addition of a base made of two CDs, I happily constructed my alternate to the Galleon kit, which was hefty enough to both be fine just resting on its new base and to not make me worry about damaging a limited printing.

This is a kind of roundabout way of previewing the next expansion on my Magnus article, and to give a shout out for the 19xx Kickstarter.

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