Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Posthumanism in the Bayou - Neverborn Swamp Elementals

The Mysterious Emissary is pretty darn cool- I wasn't really a fan initially, but having assembled and painted one, I'm quite happy with how it turned out (I just wish its changelings and the ones it created were consistent designs... preferring these ones hugely over the prep school kids).

The Will o' the Wisps are pretty cool, weird little sack things, with some useful mechanics.

I thought the Waldgeists were one of the biggest improvements in their update to plastic... actually, I generally feel like the Neverborn line saw some of the most widespread improvements as a whole.

Speaking of which, Bad Juju is just a lovely model IMHO. The old one was okay, but this one was really just a cool design. For those of you who haven't read it, I quite enjoy the Saga of the Swamp Thing arc by Alan Moore- if you're not offended by some ugly old coloring and illustration (with occasional gems), I think it's a great kinda' weird/mysterious/horror-ish series.

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