Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dressing For Success - Kingdom Death Armor Sets

This was a pretty amusing commission to receive the models for, since, with all the ways of gearing up survivors, these are pretty darn close to what my group plays with, too.

The Leatherworker has some of my favorite gear, since it does a lot of the front line duty- they're your relatively tough fighters that are the easiest to build heavier offense around, plus some easy bonus defense.

 The Lion set's obvious use is the (in my opinion) underappreciated daggers and katars, but its pounce is great- making the Twilight Sword more flexible, and made more flexible by reach weapons.

The Rawhide set's just a really well-rounded support and defense style, that's pretty hard to beat for its cost. This is the set that's least like how my group runs ours, but still has a lot of commonalities.

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