Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Screaming Out of the Darkness - Kingdom Death Monsters

The Screaming Antelope's one of my favorite monsters, in how quietly really gross it is.

There's its gaping maw that my group's fortunately mostly avoided, and then the eyes that are remarkably human- I did a little research on this as I kind of assumed they were like a lot of grazing animals' wide eyes. Nope. They have giant irises and pupils, that do actually look remarkably like humans'.

I did a much cleaner job on this Butcher, pushing the contrast between cold metal and warm fur/lanterns, and with a bit of red highlighting the fabric. I wish he were in more of an action pose, but do like the detail on him a lot. This resin version is a little smaller than the plastic one, and the undercutting and degree of texture on his cloth and lanterns are particularly noticeable when working with it.

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