Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Company Men - Kingdom Death King's Man and Hand

The Hand's a really interesting concept where the model, narrative, and rules really matched up perfectly.

He's a complete jerk, who way outclasses the Survivors, and I think the whole package combines really nicely, including the three ways of beating him and which are the safest. (No spoilers!)

It doesn't make for the most exciting fight, but I still respect the concept and execution.

On the models, I tried to keep them in a very similar palate, and match the materials and sensibility of what they're wearing, with rich and fairly high-contrast colors.

The King's Man, as opposed to the Hand, is just a plain ol' jerk, that's a really obnoxious fight in my opinion, since either you completely lose, or you still lose someone, and he just gets to be a complete slog to fight through at higher levels. I'm very curious how the Slender Man replaces him, since it's hard to imagine a more obnoxious boss than this guy.

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