Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Flame On! - Salamanders Forge World Squads

Nothing says retro 40k to me like old flamers and old missile launchers.
I love the stripped-down look of those flamers, and thought the entire coppery body with just some heat discoloration and black grip really fit the Salamanders aesthetic, which I very much consider the same as victorian era industrialism or the original steampunk (not the modern watered-down mess)- Specifically, the idea of unmasked function as something of aesthetic value. And returning to the beginning, I think that's how the flamer style fits.

And another set of Salamanders tactical veterans. (So, that could be configured as two squads of 10, veterans or 15 tacticals and a 5-man melta squad, both with combi-melta sergeants.)

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