Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dance, puppet! - Collodi crew, continued

Starting with some of my favorites, the Effigies are some of Wyrd's coolest sculpts, and I always enjoy trying to link disparate elements through a continuing color scheme.

These are all fairly close to the stock pose, but I was sure to incorporate the dirty white and red from the crew's main minis. My favorite modification is probably the Mysterious Effigy's (bottom right) mask pair), though I'm generally happy with how the OSL turned out on the left three, too.

The Stitched Together and Wicked Dolls both got a darker, more muted treatment, with only patches in the main colors. The Stitched together have kind of a The Orphanage feel to them (speaking of which, if you're in to horror and haven't seen it, I'd highly recommend it).

The Marionettes were replaced with an old set of Warhammer Fantasy Familiars. While it was fun to do a very colorful set, my favorite is the little wooden mannequin, due to the nostalgia factor of one of my friends having it years back.

A couple corrections-

The Mysterious Effigy got its mask's teeth whitened, and the other mask got red lips to balance the inverted red/white main/detail colors.

Collodi got a cleaner makeup job, and a bit of extra work on the edges, while I was at it.

One of the not-Marionettes, with teeth picked out.

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