Friday, July 25, 2014

The Rule of Cool - misc. Steampunk minis

I don't care that there's no effective way to use a jet pack and a rifle at the same time, it's still pretty awesome.

The style of clothing immediately reminded me of fox hunting attire, which I though had a cool, slightly sinister upperclass sensibility (due in no small part to The Invisibles).

These sets have been roughly organized by sensibility, and these all have a bit of the alternative, adventuring look, in my opinion, with a bit of swagger (or whatever the feminine word for that is), or maybe just a general sense of attitude.

I think the most divergent and my favorite of these is the middle mini here (IIRC, from Bombshell), which, for whatever reason, inspired me to go in a Japonisme* sensibility and I couldn't really see anything else in the mini, so I went with what I thought looked best (and was a fun nod at a lesser-known bit of history from around when steampunk derives its aesthetic. Also, I think she got one of the best faces.

*early modern cross-pollination of Western and Japanese aesthetics

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