Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Always Respect The Chain O' Command - Astral Claws Command Squad

Well, I couldn't just have a captain without a command squad, could I?

The apothecary is from the old command squad, while the standard bearer is an ancient model (does anyone remember the Skullz program?) that got de-ultramarined. I think he was one of the first models with a sculpted banner, instead of those horrible T's for you to attach paper to.

While the Tyrant's Legion was definitely improved with its 6th edition revamp, most of the choices (including the Corpse Taker) fall squarely under the broader category of "things that are cool, but completely unjustifiable to take in a game."

There are a lot of things that I like about the Tyrant's Legion, most notably theme and a few nice options that actually make a good modification (like their Legion Cohort, which created a sort of bridge between Horus Heresy tactical marines and modern ones), but the limitations (such as trash HQ options and poor substitutes for Imperial Guard) still strictly limit the Legion to the most casual of games in my opinion...

I was very happy with how these guys turned out (particularly their helmets), and they'll certainly be pulling double-duty as sergeants.

One of the larger improvements, in my opinion, in more recent editions is that combi weapons are much more legit choices than they used to be: I really enjoyed making a badass sergeant with a ranged weapon as the focus, rather than yet another character waving around his sword in the far future.

I ended up not building a company champion, despite the good deal, because, as discussed previously, I think his challenge requirement might be too limiting when paired with Sumatris.

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