Sunday, July 6, 2014

Doing Science! - Misc. Steampunk minis

These guys were a ton of fun, to make a scene without actually sculpting one.

Micro Arts Studio's Mirror Golems have a great look that a simple paint job can cover for the most part, but the mirrors they're holding offer numerous opportunities.

One could easily make them portals to other worlds, or energy effects, or even paintings. I thought it would be fun to just make them mirrors: the first is just the cobblestone and weed in front of it; the second is a factory in the distance with a row of smaller buildings (obscured by the glare, mostly), and the corner of the street, in the foreground on the left. The third is angled up at some smokestacks.

On the upper right, Ingrid-Rangvaldottir has a similar palate to her golems. The model to her left (unknown manufacturer) inspired a very specific set of colors, a more military and modern sensibility.

The bottom row (Shrapnel, Maelee (both Bombshell) and the other mechanic (again unknown)) all got a more utilitarian look, wile still getting a bit of accent colors on each.

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