Monday, June 17, 2013

*Cue Morricone Score* - Blackwater Gulch, part 2 of 2

And this chapter of westerns comes to a close.

Of the Vigilance Committee, I'd sayI like the two on the left the most, regarding having a nice sense of character and movement, though the center model has the nicest sculpt.

Los Banditos Mexicanos was probably the most fun gang for me to paint. El Jefe (bottom left) has a great pose, and a nicely painted face, and Susana la Loba (top, center) was probably my favorite from the set, and I spent a bit of extra time making her colors pop. The other three also had some more dynamic poses of the commission, which always makes it more interesting to work with

The base details on Esteban (top left) and Susana are nice touches- while, in darker days. I used to be one of those nay sayers ("Why's that model always standing on a barrel? Are there just a million, or does she take it with her?"-style jokes were the MO), as I learned a bit more, I realized that I'd much rather have a model with a sense of place than have models with no interest in their bases.

Finally, the updated versions from the first post.

While there isn't much to add specifically about the minis I touched up, I haven't said it before, so, saying it now. For years, I've wanted to try doing a western theme for Warmachine's Privateer mercenary line, and these guys would have been a perfect proxy for some Sea Dogs... if Blackwater Gulch had gotten more attention just a little sooner, I'd have been all over these minis, but I still got to paint a set anyways, and now I don't need to learn all of those new rules interactions :p

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