Wednesday, May 29, 2013

*Cue Morricone Score* - Blackwater Gulch, part 1 of 2

There's something quite charming about Blackwater Gulch's hybrid style of miniatures that fits part-way between the detail of wargames miniatures and the character of historical ones.

Of the Clancy Gang, Lee Roland (top left) and Jacob Sparks (center bottom) are definitely my favorite, and I'm not alone in that opinion- whenever I was working on the commish and my wife was checking in, she'd ask to see Lee's model, and Jacob also got some interest when others saw what I was working on.

Micky was probably the most fun of these three to paint, because I got to decide what hand he had, and because he reminds me a little of young Harrison Ford.

Both Jacob Sparks and the Norwegian (Hired Guns pic, left) reminded me of a very classical Spanish/Mexican sensibility, so I ended up painting them with the same skin tone as the Banditos (next post)... though, with a name like the Norwegian, I may end up needing to repaint that skin tone... that's what I get for using my best judgement :p

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