Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"Better... Stronger... Faster" Magnus Theme list continuation- part 10: revised Magnus Theme List Tactics Article

I couldn't believe that I hadn't photographed my Mangler yet.

After the Nomad, this is probably the heavy I most regularly field with the Traitor, and I've been fielding Ol' Smashy (not to be confused with Ol' Rowdy) more and more with the Warlord, too, of late.

While I just recently got around to touching it up, my Mangler was actually one of the first mercs I painted and really felt happy with, so it's pretty fitting to have it up in this post, what with things coming full circle.

While I certainly don't field them as often as the Mangler, the Long Gunnners are another unit that's both a thematic unit with Magnus and one of the oldest I have.

Under that refined exterior is actually at least four different attempts at the current color scheme. I believe these models' original paint might actually predate Escalation, and, as I've learned how to paint better and better, my Long Gunners have improved with each iteration (though their rules haven't).

The whole reason I started this blog was to get back into the game and re-learn and expand my knowledge of Magnus's theme lists, after a hiatus from the game during which Colossals hugely altered the landscape.

While I've been blogging on this, I've also quietly been rewriting my tactics article on Magnus's theme lists. It started years ago as a little writing on Magnus's lists, grew into something pretty huge, and sat around for a while as I didn't play Warmachine. As the league started, I began revisions on the newest version of it, and have just put it up.

I've pretty thoroughly overhauled and cleaned up the tactics, reformatted everything to make it clearer, gotten rid of a number of misconceptions, and added sections on new styles I've played. I might have missed a few things, but I'm quite happy with my re-write. Also, I added all of the pretty pictures of models I've painted over the course of this blog.

So, without further ado, the link:

The Continuing War... or somesuch.

There are a few things I still didn't get around to trying during the league, such as Bad Seeds vs. a Colossal, and the higher tiers of Magnus' Agenda.

I'm definitely happy enough with the newest version of my tactics article to post it, but plan on making it a living document again, and have plans for at least a few more tests and experiments for the lists in the near future.

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