Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Things Have Turned a Deeper Shade of Blue" - Infinity Aleph

Another set of Infinity models- Corvus Belli's style of detail is growing on me, and I think I'm getting them better and better.
The center kneeling model is probably my favorite, I felt that I got his face and chest looking really nice. As always, the dynamic pose of the Infinity line was inspiring.

The thorough blue in the whole set was pretty difficult to photograph right, and I ended up needing to apply some filters, because it kept trying to get it white. The actual blue of the armor is a little greyer, but this is a pretty close representation.

I was happy with the rubble and the slight warmth to the grey making them seem more thoroughly tech-y in contrast with a more contemporary basing.

I was pretty surprised how much variation I could get in the two flanking models.

There's a bit more weight and bulk to the newer model line, but I think they fit nicely in with the whole continuum.

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