Tuesday, July 2, 2013

UN Spacy - Jovian Chronicles Exo-Armor

Nothing triggers the childhood sci-fi nostalgia for me quite like mecha... well, maybe things related to Dune, but I'm not talking about a stillsuit commission.

This was the first time I'd worked on the Jovian Chronicles line, and they were pretty different for me.

With only two kits, they had a surprising amount of weapons options and posability, especially for being metal kits, which are hardly known for tons of flexibility.

The castings were pretty rough to work with, with a number of miscasts and mold lines that I tried my damndest to file off or mask with battle damage, but, once that was done with, the models took to paint well. I mostly just went with a higher contrast and more saturated version of the standard color scheme, but felt that emphasizing the teal broke up the surfaces well.

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