Wednesday, March 6, 2013

All is Dust... - Thousand Sons Army, part 1: test model

Well, somewhere between 3rd edition and 6th edition, the Thousand Sons' "battle cry" went from a ghostly whisper to some kind of weird mantra, but I still love the mystical boys in blue.

I was going for as consistent and blue a color scheme as I felt comfortable with, without actually moving towards monochrome.

The base and cloth are as desaturated of a warm brown as I could figure out without mixing a ton of colors, with just a touch of orange and yellow in it. The base has light blue and cold white paint dabbed on it, which I obscured with some more of the same dusty palate (though I'm thinking of obscuring it a little less in the actual army).

There's a little yellow in the piping on the power plant, the eye, gun, and orboros (which I somehow never recognized as one before), which are probably the warmest parts of the model. I might have made them colder, but I thought it would get too close to the cloth color.

The ribbed tubes were another bit of an anomaly-- I used a brown I usually only save for mixing skin color, or occasionally as a base for bark or copper, as the dark/cold/red managed to give a subtle accent while not being very prominent.

I often put a touch of brown in my metal to warm it up, but, keeping with the theme, I kept it an unsaturated grey.

The main color, the blue, was something I colored similarly to how I work with metals, giving it something of a reflective sensibility. I repeated the armor color in the scarabs, rather than give them different colors, to both keep the model in the same palate and unify model and base.

The teal eyes (and other bits) were partially because I like the color as a magical vibe, and partially because I wanted the glowing parts to be as close to the blue as I could make it, while still being an accent.

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