Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Me and My Shadow - Kirai Crew, second half

Continuing with my revisions on another person's paint job... I think the Seishin were a pretty cool improvement in second edition, and particularly like first pair for some unusually nice texturing on the part of Wyrd's digital sculptors.

Okay, I could say that Datsue-ba is here because of her octopus friend, but that would be a lie. She sneaks in on that technicality, but it's actually because I forgot to include her with Kirai's more humanoid ghost buddies.
The Shikome are pretty cool--again, I think that they benefitted a lot from the resculpt, and the old metal one was just not very interesting.

Despite having grown to generally disdain the superhero genre due to a bunch of recent SH movies with abysmally stupid and/or lazy writing and my greater understanding of the industry history disenchanting me further, I don't think I'll ever lose the soft spot I have for the old Batman Animated Series.

Of course, the reason I bring this up is of course Man-Bat's appearance in the first episode of the series. I prefer the creepy and obviously animal (rather than anthropomorphic) version of the old metal Night Terrors where they were creepy bats with four wings and teeth eyes, but the large new one (upper left) really evokes Man-Bat's TAS iteration in a way that gets my sense of nostalgia going.

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