Monday, August 14, 2017

Me and My Shadow - Kirai Crew, first half

So, I believe this is a first for me- heavily retouching someone else's paint jobs.

The paint jobs were in most cases perfectly competently executed, but, for instance, with little highlighting, Kirai's Ikiryo was very bland, so in particular got a lot more highlighting and shading on its hair and white cloth.

Like the Ikiryo, the Onryo mostly got sharper highlights and deeper shadows.

Kirai's Lost Love was painted about the same, but there was no pop to his blue, it just didn't really have any definition, so I gave him a white core. Unfortunately, in reality the blue doesn't look quite that epic since it's not going to give off those hot spots, but still looks more defined.

Also, while I was working on this model, someone pointed out that the model doesn't make sense, and I've got to agree. There's got to be an easier way to your heart than by disemboweling yourself, and then attempting to reach under the right side of your ribcage to reach the left side of your ribcage, with your left arm (...while you're dying, but whatever). I think it would actually take having a second elbow in your arm.

The Goryo got a similar extra glow work done on them, and much darker cloth on the central figures to define them more clearly. I'm a little confused since those look like the Neverborn Woes, but seem to be spirits here? IDK.

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