Monday, May 8, 2017

Taka no Dan - Kingdom Death Berserk Homage characters - Messenger of Humanity + conversion

Kingdom Death's first kickstarter actually reminded me that I'd never gotten through more than the first couple episodes of Berserk way back when I'd first kinda' watched it.

So... there were some pretty dramatic tonal shifts, after I stopped watching.

Either way, it's one of few shows like that I quite enjoy, despite some moderate flaws, because it really was trying a thing. I liked both the original adaptation and more recent one, thought the aesthetics of the recent show were practically unwatchable, and slightly embarrassingly haven't read the manga.

I thought the Guts homage in the Messenger of Humanity was pretty cool-- a little thin for my taste, but it got the point across. I've been pretty disappointed by the handling of the Messenger rules, but I'm still holding out hope that they go somewhere eventually.

Having painted up Guts, I felt I'd be remiss not making Casca, too. She's a mix of Lantern and Leather armor sets mostly, with a lot of cutting and filling to get her slimmed down a bit (the armor sets are a bit chunky IMHO). I think I got the sensibility across nicely, and it was an excuse for a little more diversity from the sea of curvy white ladies that make up a large chunk of Kingdom Death.

...And for those of you wondering, no, these aren't the only Berserk minis I'm working on--you may need to wait a bit, but I've got at least a couple less-friendly ones planned ;)

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