Thursday, May 4, 2017

Spoils of War - Mordheim Beastmen Raiders, part 2

One bit I really like about working with heavy object source light is playing tricks with color saturation.

Unlike a lot of lighting effects, Wyrdstone is generally a pretty dark color, despite glowing. So, you can't just make it blended up to a brighter color. This is the sort of area where I've learned to use heavy saturation to effect. One thing to do is play with darkening the area around a spot to exaggerate the brightness, but it's a really dark green. So, instead, I desaturated the area around the green, so, despite being a similar value, the saturation made it appear brighter.

Someone with more formal training than I have would, I'm sure, be able to give a technical reason why that works, but I've mostly learned through experimentation, so you get a long-winded explanation instead of some fancy but more opaque explanation.

Moving on to other source lighting effects, these guys are another example of weird tricks with the eye. I actually redid this paint job because the first version, which had purple-saturated highlights, didn't have enough contrast. This version has white highlights, but the surrounding purple is enough that it's strangely brought down some of the hot spots in the pic. Not really sure about the reasoning behind that.

Ah, some conventional lighting. Other than there being some sneaky lemon yellow highlights that, like the above purple, are brought down by the surrounding orange (more predictably, in this case), there's nothing that tricky here. I think the center guy with the torch and the guy to the left with a funky helmet are my favorites of these five.

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