Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Master... Basher? Guild Ball Union

So, a pretty unusual one for me-- I've never done a modular model with OSL, the closest before being a diorama, but this had some interesting challenges, getting an angle of light that wouldn't cast weird shadows on Avarisse but would still be able to hit Greede.

This goal was a lot of fun to put together- I've realized that I really like painting on wood (this is the third project in the last few years where I've used some), as it interacts with paint in a different way than plaster (which tends to suck up pigment) or metal/plastic/resin (which, being nonporus, only have paint sit on the surface).

The crow bar (sitting on the lid) was a difficult addition, since plasticard wasn't bending properly... I might have been able to make one out of metal if I had a particularly soft rod, but I ended up going with heavy paper in order to get a cleaner end.

(The lamp is from the Malifaux accessory line; the box is actual wood and some white glue; the difficult-to-see padding in it is lichen)

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