Thursday, May 21, 2015

Two of Us, Riding Nowhere - Slender Man & Stolen

Right on the heels of Zoraida's crew, another creep taking a stroll through the woods...

The Slender Man is probably my favorite thing that's come out of the creepypasta suite(? genre? subculture?), and I think the Kingdom Death variant on it was a pretty cool take on the sensibility, on top of that.

I tried to get a color set that both referenced the "business suit" look and still fit the more archaic collar (though obviously not sticking with the flamboyant colors).

For the Slender Man's "companion," I found a Malifaux Stolen (that would be from Hamelin's set) that fit the bill, and was surprisingly un-creepy without the standard color scheme. She took very little modification to fit the innocent/oblivious look. She got some bright colors, but with a lot of grey and off-white mixed in so she didn't pop and look out of place with the rest of the scene.

The two of them got a fun display base (well, I guess technically the girl is part of the base, since she isn't removable and has her hand drilled out to fit the Slender Man), using some Woodland Scenics trees- while the armatures aren't the greatest of models, they clean up pretty nicely as the bases of trees, and have a bit of a skeletal look as burnt remains.

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