Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cronenberg...ian? Gigeresque?

For those of you who know Kingdom Death, the name should suffice. For the rest of you, NSFW should do just as well.

So, there it is, in all its creepy, suggestive (if not outright sexual) glory.

I'm really happy that they decided to ultimately go with HIPS instead of PVC, but, all-told, the Wet Nurse came out pretty well in PVC, minus a couple skinny arms and flat faces, which are pretty par for the material. Also, it was pretty cool to get a seriously creepy centerpiece-ish thing for a reasonable price when they bailed on the medium.

It's also one of the more entertaining models I've painted in a while, since there's no stock paint job nor a clear reference, so it's extremely open-ended: This one's got a bleak supernatural horror thing going on, but I have another copy that I'm thinking about pushing all the way towards the strictly 80's body horror end of things

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