Tuesday, June 2, 2015

"... Mein Herr" - Malifaux Showgirls crew (with update)

This set's just got a lot of charm- one of my favorites from the second set of Malifaux releases.

The Mannequins are a fun set of relatively static poses, and it's pretty rare that two models with the same base don't look like they're doing a silly performance when paired next to each other (though actually, of all the concepts around, dancing robots would have been one of the most excusable...).

The new performer certainly is more dynamic than the older set, though I think they fit together pretty nicely.

The Coryphee duet has an inverted pair of dresses/chokers as a little tie-in without being too overt to their pairing, though I guess once they're combined that's pretty obvious. I wish they still had rules for splitting again, but, well, it's pretty obvious why Wyrd did away with that sort of rule. (And yeah, the bases are magnetized.)

Finishing with my favorites, Cassandra and Angelica are a nice duo that I painted as a bit of an opposed pair, with Cassandra having a light, warm, and refined look as opposed to Angelica's darker, cooler, cabaret look.

Update- pink added a fairly naturalistic lipstick/warmth to their lips:

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