Monday, January 8, 2018

Blue vs. Red - Kingdom Death Butcher and Hand

I've done a few Hand paint jobs, and done more than half of those in blue lighting, but I feel like the tuning I achieved on this one really improved it past slight technical improvement.

I pushed my colors to a bit more unusual ones, adding a teal and making the red a lot colder, both of which I think created a stronger counterpoint to the warmer gold I used on the Hand's various embellishments. Also, I'd been thinking more literally about his base before, but tried this new cast I made for the base and think it works quite nicely, establishing the mood of the board where the Hand starts on top of the terrain piece.

The Butcher is pretty similar to a couple others I've modified for this pose. I think the notable improvement here was throwing caution to the wind and really saturating that red to get an almost supernaturally glowing look, not necessarily even just from his lanterns.

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