Monday, January 15, 2018

Boris the Spider! (bwowww!) - Kingdom Death Spidicules expansion

I've gone back and forth a lot on the Spidicules expansion.

Having just finished a campaign in which we fought far more spiders than ever before, including several level 3s, my opinion has swung a bit more towards favoring this guy.

Currently, I think that, if you switch the Spinnerets and Silken Nervous System requirements for the armor and unique body suit, then things would be (mechanically) right (though I'd still have some gripes on the theme). I want to try this out next time my group plays it.

Despite quite a few initial problems with the armor set, once the above change is made, I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with the armor; it just takes a slightly different approach in which you assume you're not going to benefit from one of its affinities, after which it becomes more about options than it is about not getting all benefits.

...But, that's starting to get into a tangent about strategy. Since I'm showing off minis here, the short version is, I quite like the armor style, and want any excuse to find a way it's worthwhile to use (*cough, cough* Abyssal Woods *cough*).

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