Friday, January 12, 2018

Last Light of Solthecius - Guild Ball Grace & Benediction

This was an interesting little project: I was trying to match my earlier work on the Union, which was in monochrome orange/natural light, but match that with trying to give Benediction (above) and Grace (below) the look of golden armor, in non-metallic metal.

Normally, I'd have probably gone with a different color of light source so I didn't need to deal with it at all, but that trick wasn't available to me.

Instead, I shifted two parts of the tones to fit. First, the dark moved from a very cold, dark brown to (mostly) a much warmer, almost midtone brown. Second, going against instinct, I pushed the highlight from yellow to creamy white. While this goes against realism and logic (the light is yellow; the metal is yellow), what this achieves is a richer, cleaner look to the material, making it stand out nicely, and using its similarity with the orange-lit materials around it to my advantage.

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