Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Black Operations - Drukhari Mandrake Horde

Or, since they're figurines, would that be "hoard"?

...Yeah, I know, that was kinda lame.

Something I think is actually a linguistic improvement is renaming Dark Eldar as Drukhari. Dark Eldar sounds like exactly where they started, with space dark elves plus a little liberal ripping off of Tolkien (in age-old fantasy tradition) and it's a pretty dryly descriptive name. So, unlike a fair bit of GW's various attempts at more copyrightable language that fall flat, I like Drukhari.

Enough about language. I think these guys look pretty serious in this quantity, and the purple makes those Nightfiends immediately stand out, while the purple having a similar kind of blacklight/neon look to the teal fits pretty well.

...And now I want a blacklight to play with, because I think these guys would really pop, under one.

Also, surprise! Two more squads of the sneaks from below the fold. That's a lot of chances for nuking guys with 6s to hit. I like that these nasty little guys finally have rules that feel right, and happen to fit well in the current rules set, where strong, short-ranged units are perfect, and way more reliable, deep strikers.

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